Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, John now resides in the greater Phoenix area of Arizona. For over 25 years, John has been a photojournalist, an accomplished wedding & portrait photographer and much more. Beginning in 2004, John was selected to be a contributing photographer for Getty Images and WireImage, specializing in sports, entertainment, and event photography.  Throughout his career, John has been published in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone Magazine, as well as a multitude of publications and websites worldwide. Currently a professor at Grand Canyon University, John shares his passion and experience with aspiring young photographers. It has been said, “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”. John dispels that myth by continuing to simultaneously do both at a high level. To this day, John continues to pride himself in excellent customer/client service with the goal of securing their repeat business and gaining them as a reference for their family, friends and colleagues.